Your business can be the change the children of Karuna Dana need. Finance a particular Project starting from 3,000€!

By way of the different collaborative projects between businesses and Karuna Dana, more than 400 Tibetan children with have access to a continued education rich in values, and with adequate health care.

We all want to live in a world without disparities, and with the same opportunities of growth. Thanks to the compromise of your business company, many children will have access to potable water, by financing the construction of channels and wells. Can you imagine not being able to give your children a glass of water in the heat of summer?

Thanks to your business, we will generate changes in the lives of many children. They could have the options of primary to superior education that can change their environment, their community and, at last, our world.

How can you collaborate with Karuna Dana?

  • Economic contributions to finance the various active campaigns of Karuna Dana, thus, making the dreams of the future of Tibet a reality.
  • Sensitizing the public at large about the plight of infants in Tibet, and promoting the endeavors of Karuna Dana.

What does Karuna Dana offer to your business?

  • Fiscal Certificate of the contributions made throughout the year. Businesses can deduct up to 35% of the integral fee of the Corporation tax, with a 10% limit on the taxable base. In the case of independent businesses, the fiscal deduction percentage is up to 25% of IRPF of yearly contributions.
  • Better image and corporative reputation of the business in the workplace environment. Likewise, we will broadcast your business’s implication in our projects through our media.

Active campaigns