Karuna Dana is a nonprofit, developmental, organization, dedicated to protecting the cultural identity of people in the world and promoting activities which improve the lives of its members. At the moment we are focusing on projects in the Tibet.

Compassion and Generosity


 The mission of KARUNA DANA is to promote the development of underprivileged peoples, in benefit of the most weak and vulnerable sectors, through programs that encourage social and economic progress as well as maintenance of their culture. Respect for human rights, gender equality, child protection, the right to education, freedom of religion and the right to adequate housing. KARUNA DANA is created with the purpose to provide the necessary resources to those who, with poor opportunities, fight for a future in which they can live with dignity and develop fully as human beings without losing their cultural heritage.

Children from Kham province, in Tibet, suffer health insecurity and lack of education.

Education contributes to improving the lives of people and it is essential to break the cycle of poverty in which many countries and population groups are immersed. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights established in 1948 the right to education as a basic human right. Today, however, still exists in the world millions of people for whom this right has not been made effective.

Access to education is especially difficult in a population that is basically rural and nomadic, and over 80% of the Tibetan people live in rural areas. Many children from these areas have to travel hours, or even days in the case of nomads, to reach the nearest school, something not all families can indulge in or afford.

niña karuna portada
niños karuna portada

The school and its projects

KARUNA DANA main project is in Tibet, in a rural area of the province of Kham, where we support an elementary school which schools more than 400 children and Tibetan girls from poor families completely free of charge. As in all rural areas of Tibet, there are a lot of children out of school and without the existence of this school many of our students would receive no education.