KARUNA DANA full grant can cover all the needs of a student in our school. A monthly contribution of 50 euros will provide:
  • Qualified teachers.
  • Educational institution.
  • School supplies.
  • Clothing.
  • Power.
  • Basic health care.
Your company can finance a project. We need your help in these areas:
  • Health: in dentistry and ophthalmology.
  • Food security: food autonomy of vegetables.
  • Training of teachers.
  • Equipment installations.
  • Infrastructure development.
  • School Sustainability: Development of business plans.
It is vital that society knows the reality of countries and disadvantaged communities. We suggest some ways to help:
  • Spreading our work by giving lectures or voice in your posts.
  • Organizing events and raising funds for our projects.
  • Exhibiting our exhibition “Reflections of Tibet.”

You can collaborate with us through the free provision of services such as web page maintenance, graphic design, advertising printing and event organization.

If you believe that your company can offer us support in another area contact us.

As KARUNA DANA collaborator-partner (member), you will help defray the ordinary expenses of a primary school lacking financial resources to support the free education of children in the area.

Your help is needed.