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We want all boys and girls to have equal opportunities. Join our cause, and sponsor a student from our school. You will contribute to better his, or her future, and community.

When you sponsor a boy or girl, you not only collaborate in his, or her education, but establish a heart to heart connection as well.

Yeshi Laye

Wishes for a fair world. She is 9 years old, and a very communicative and obedient girl. She loves animals and flowers.

Phurpu Lhamo

Wants to reach for the heights, if she could only fly! She is 9 years old, and a sweet and friendly girl. She loves playing “tampe” with her friends.

Thenzin Thirley

Wants to save lives. At the age of 13, he is only in second grade of primary school, because he began his studies later than most. His dream is to be a doctor.


Wants a free and safe world. She is 13 years old, and has a talent for mathematics. She, also likes to play “tampe”, and is of a light-hearted nature.

The amount payed to the sponsorship finances the cost of the education, and room and board of all the students of our school in general. Your contribution does not go directly to one child, but maintains the school, and aids in bettering the conditions for all the children in school. This includes education, room and board, clothing, scholastic materials, and healthcare assistance.

Our human resources rely solely on volunteers specialized in participating areas.

Sponsor a child

May your hand continue to forge the chain of generosity that changes the future!

Thank you

With your contribution you will be helping the children of Tibet have a future and making possible their social transformation and that of the whole of their community.


Our human resources are only volunteers with specialized knowledge in the area in which we participate.

Fiscal Advantages

Did you know that sponsoring a child offers fiscal advantages? For example, a 100 € donation declared on your income tax form can accrue 75 € on your next tax return.

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Green I want you green

Green, I Want You Green

Karuna Dana is launching it’s new cooperative project, destined to the betterment of the health of the school children.

The endeavors of this new project will concentrate on fund-raising for the construction costs of a series of solar-powered greenhouses; which will enable year-round cultivation of vegetables, as well as medicinal plants for the school’s clinic.

Environmental Conditions

The province of Kham, where the school is located, is afflicted by very cold winters, and strong winds that impede any agricultural activity. Any available foods are scarce in this season, and very highly priced.


On the other hand, the basic diet of the children is comprised of cereal, and meat and fat to maintain body heat in cold weather, but lacks fresh fruit and vegetables. This is detrimental to the nutritional value of the children’s diets, which in some severe cases present pathologies of malnutrition, growth anomalies, or illnesses related to the digestive system.


Another aspect is that the area is donned with high luminosity, where solar energy can be used as a source of heating. The quality of the soil is good, allowing for high quality crops and produce.

In order to improve the present situation, Karuna Dana has focused on the general objective of installing a series of green houses, 6 total, of solid construction, and that takes advantage of solar energy.

This will provide the school with year-round fruits and vegetables, thus, balancing the diet of the schoolchildren and consequently, bettering their health.
The provision of medicinal plants to the clinic for the preparation of medicine, which comes around to better service to the patients, that come not only from the school, but from the surrounding area, as well.
Reduced cost of food products.



Our objective: Contribute to the better health and well-being of the villages of the valley and infant population of the school.


7.000 people will be the direct beneficiaries.


More than 400 schoolchildren. Faculty and employees of the school: 32 persons. Clinic: 9 persons. Neighboring residents that use the services of the clinic, of more than 6,000 residents.

Cost and Finances

The total cost of the installation is estimated at 7,200€, by taking into account the cost of construction of each greenhouse, materials, and work hours of construction teams hired from local area. Each green house will embark a crop area of 60 square meters, and will serve the yearly alimentary needs of 80 people. For each green house, there will be a necessary re-enforced foundation, double, re-enforced walls, ventilation, and roofing that adapts to the strong winds, cold and snow endemic to the area.


Karuna Dana is an NGO that lacks state funding, or sponsors. That is why we count on the generosity of the people who feel that this is a close project. Any help we can get brings us closer to achieving the project and to benefit the children of Karuna Dana school.

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What would you do to keep a drop of water from drying up? Put it in the middle of the ocean. (Tibetan Proverb)

The creation of a medical center in the province of Kham, in Tibet will facilitate primary attention to the inhabitants of the valley, where it’s located, and to the nearby schoolchildren by healthcare practitioners, all in benefit of their precarious health.

Medical Center

There is no running water in the consultation rooms, which obliges the doctors to boil water daily, and store it in containers to use within the clinic.


This center is the only chance the valley populace has to be treated with dignity in case of illness. Aside from emergency care, primary attention, and family medicine, there is also buccal/dental care. Principally, extractions.

Present Situation

The doctor’s apartments do not have running water, so they must carry water by hand from a faucet outdoors to the stove indoors.

KARUNA DANA intends to develop a water supply and sanitizing project for the medical center; with which the following goals are reached:

 Better health of the school children and valley population, healthcare practitioners of the clinic, and school faculty.
 Prevention of hydric illnesses, such as diarrhea and infections.
 Improved infrastructure of the medical clinic.


Our goal: Contribute to the better health and well-being of the valley population, and children of the school.


6.672 people will be the direct beneficiaries.


Healthcare Professionals: 9 persons. Patients: 6240 patients attended to yearly. School children: 391 students (185 boys and 206 girls) internship. Teachers and building staff: 32 resident persons.

Cost and Finance

LThe estimated cost of workforce on the construction of interior and exterior infrastructures, including equipment and materials, ascends to 8.520 €. 


TAll the “drops of water” received are important for the water to flow, firstly to become a river and later to reach the sea.

 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thuk je chek

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